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Greater St. Louis Area Council - #312

Council Outdoor Ethics Advocate
This council doesn't have an Outdoor Ethics Advocate
Area Outdoor Ethics Advocate for Area 3 - CR
Laszlo Acs 217 622-5398 leavenotracemaster@gmail.com
Outdoor Ethics Coordinator for the Central Region - CR
Toby Green 847 845-6145 greentoby58@gmail.com

Region? Area?

The BSA is organized into 4 Regions: Northeastern, Central, Southern and Western.
Each Region is divided into multiple Areas, and each Area consists of multiple Councils.

Details: Region/Area/Council maps

Leave No Trace Master Educators in Greater St. Louis Area Council

Gerald Accola Edwardsville * *
Phil Combs St Charles * *
Ukko Devos Union 636 583-3005 ukko@giltweasel.com
Kimberly Ford Ellisville * kafwolf313@gmail.com
Michael Herries Saint Louis * *
Patrick Joyce Belleville * *
Yvonne Krumrey Manchester 314 484-4180 yvonnemskrumrey@gmail.com
Cody Loucks Festus * *
Bob Maddex O'Fallon * *
Cindy Maddex O'Fallon * *
Joe Mangels Ballwin 314 910-2648 jdmf48@mst.edu
Denny Wright Marissa * *
Ray Zimmerman St. Louis * *


  • If you don't have a Council Outdoor Ethics Advocate, try neighboring councils, or your Area/Region contacts.

  • * If contact information is not listed, it may be because we do not know it or because we don't yet have the person's permission to list the information on this website.
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