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Outdoor Ethics Contacts

Leave No Trace Master Educators affiliated with The Singapore Scout Association

Kian Seng Ding Singapore * *
Wei Ling (Violet Nicole) Lee * violet.nicole.lee@gmail.com
Chee Hwa Loh Bukit Panjang * Cheehwa@bettertrails.sg
Yuan Chong (Edward) Loh * edwloh@gmail.com
Teck Ann (John) Ng * John_ng@mjrredfox.org
Carolyn (Carol) Phillips Singapore +65 94244613 chlorophfil@hotmail.com
Tay Sai Kiat * askvince@gmail.com
Sijie (S.J.) Tan Singpore * ivantsj@gmail.com
Yi Keong (Jeremy) Tang * Jeremy@trexx.com.sg
Hong Teow (Edgar) Wong Singapore +65 92401356 anthonyce@gmail.com
Cai Yinzhou * caiyinzhou@gmail.com


  • * If contact information is not listed, it may be because we do not know it or because we don't yet have the person's permission to list the information on this website.
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