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Outdoor Ethics Contacts

Leave No Trace Master Educators affiliated with The General Association of the Scouts of China

Zong-Ying (Kawasaki) Cai * air23t@yahoo.com.tw
Chun Chi (Gary) Chen * 1405501@yahoo.com.tw
Li-Chu (Amy) Cheng * amy201099@gmail.com
Yun-Jy (Yolanda) Chiang New Taipei City * *
Chun-Hsien (Jesse) Chiu New Taipei City * *
Yueh-Ying Chiu Nantou County * *
Wu-Hsun (Willie) Ho * *
Jheng-Dao (J.D.) Hu * xmasx75@gmail.com
Tao-Ping (Stefan) Huang Taipei City * *
Ting-Shing (Brad) Huang Hsinchu County * *
Cheng-Hsiu (Leon) Lee New Taipei City * x14213@ms17.hinet.net
Hsia Hao (Savy) Lee New Taipei City * *
Yi-Chun (Lisa) Lin New Taipei City * lisahelenlin@gmail.com
I Feng (Feng) Tang * fineqq@msn.com
Eilif Wang x_ * scenes@scout.org.tw
Ting-Yi (Tammy) Wen New Taipei City * *
Anthony Yeh Chiayi County * *


  • * If contact information is not listed, it may be because we do not know it or because we don't yet have the person's permission to list the information on this website.
  • Help us keep this information up-to-date. Please see our Contact Update page for details.

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