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The BSA's Outdoor Ethics Task Force provides this website as a resource to everyone who is teaching, learning and promoting Outdoor Ethics in Scouting.

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* 2016 National OE ConferenceConference Logo
October 6-8, 2016
Check out all the great classes.
Registration is OPEN
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* Updated Documents
Four key OE Task Force documents were updated recently and have been approved for posting:
These are all linked from the Course Standards and Syllabus section of our Training Resources page
* Outdoor Ethics Orientation
The Outdoor Ethics Task Force has released the latest Draft (no appendix yet) of the new Outdoor Ethics Orientation course.
See our Resources page for the class Lesson Plan / Instructor Guide and Recognition cards.
* Applying Outdoor Ethics in Your Unit, District and Council
Week 11: August 14-20, 2016, Philmont Training Center
Particularly designed for Council Outdoor Ethics Advocates.
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* New IOLS Syllabus
The 2016 IOLS Instructor Syllabus has been posted on the BSA website.
Each Skill instruction segment has an Outdoor Ethics Tips sidebar listing the relevant parts of the Outdoor Code, Leave No Trace and Tread Lightly!
Thanks to our OE experts who provided guidance during the development of this new training guide.
* LNT Master Educator Courses
See the ME Course page for the list of approved courses for 2016.
* Action Awards Changes
Changes to the Cub Scout and Boy Scout Advancement requirements have cause some changes to the requirements for the Outdoor Ethics Action Awards.
Cub Scout Award changes
Boy Scout and Varsity Scout Award changes
* Boy Scout Program Changes
Extensive revisions to the Boy Scout Rank Requirements are effective Jan 1, 2016.
See our NEWS page for more details.
* Your OE Training Course in Our Calendar
Council Outdoor Ethics Advocates are encouraged to submit their council's OE training courses for listing on our training calendars.

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